6 Week Challenge results

Everyone’s health and fitness journey is different – whether your aim is to lose weight, tone and build strength or muscle, or change your overall lifestyle we’ve got you covered. Can you really change your life in just 6 weeks? We believe so.

Our amazing participants have lost a combined total of 140 kilos and 1112 cms. Don’t just take our word for it though here is the personal health and fitness stories of just some of our members who have just completed our 6 Week Challenge.

A little bit about our Challenge: Our Challenge involved set meal plans with a variety of different food suited to all types of goals and body types. With the help of our Food Coaches Kendall and Lydia it also involved weekly measurements, body scans and before and after photos to keep members motivated and accountable.

Dylan Sass: Lost 5.7 kilos and 29cm.

For Dylan the Challenge was more about making a positive lifestyle change than decreasing the number on the scales.

“Before the challenge I was eating junk food every day and drinking a lot of alcohol, the only thing that kept me roughly in shape was work,” Glenorchy Health and Fitness member Dylan Sass said.

“The challenge was great I stopped drinking and my mentality was so much better for it and I am a lot happier and feeling great,” he said.

“It also led to a pay rise at work I had more energy and was more productive. I also saved a lot of money during the challenge normally spent on alcohol and unhealthy food, the diet was also really easy to stick to. By far the best thing I’ve done all year.”

Aleisha Grant: Lost 5.8 kilos and 54cm.

His partner Aleisha also participated in the challenge with exceptional results. The couple lost 83cm between them. “I have a lot more energy now,” Glenorchy Health and Fitness member Aleisha Grant said.

Di Watson – Lost 8.9 kilos and 50cm.

“Going into the challenge I was hoping to improve my eating habits, for health reasons and weight loss. The food preparation while doing this challenge was fantastic, right down to the ease of cooking,” Glenorchy Health and Fitness member Di Watson said.

The best part about it? “The food preparation and not feeling hungry at all was quite surprising, actually I think I am eating more than I was originally, especially throughout the day. My clothes are a lot looser and I don’t have to take my night time medication anymore,” she said.

“I have enjoyed the challenge so much that I am continuing on with food coaching. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings.”

Her Food Coach Lydia is thrilled with Di’s results. “I am so super proud of everyone, they have all smashed it. Di I am so excited to be a part of this new journey with you and I cannot wait to work with you over the next 6 months and help you achieve your goal.”

Danielle: Lost 9.8 kilos.

Danielle’s main goal was to persevere with with a “diet” even when things got tough.

“I have way more energy and I’ve stopped the excuses and just get my workout done no matter what,” she said.

“I wouldn’t have got through it without my food coach and the amazing girls in our group.”

Nevanka Wooley: Lost 6.5 kilos and 51.5cm.

 Nevanka has been on her health and journey for over 2 years now and said her main goal for the 6 weeks was to focus on certain muscles to build ahead of her upcoming wood chopping competition.

“My favourite thing about the challenge was even though we weren’t a “team” everyone doing the challenge came together and encouraged each other along even though we all ate different combinations of the plans and all wanted different results we all came out with awesome results and friendships along the way also.”

Jemma Haythorne: Lost 5.2 kilos.

Our own staff also participated –  Jemma who you would recognise from the front desk (from our sales team) gained great results.

“I haven’t been this light since I was 18. The meal plan has variety, the groceries are cheaper and you are not locked into just one set meal, there are several options depending on what you feel like,” she said.

Kendall Smith: Lost 4.4kgs.

Our Food Coach and Instructor Kendall also took part in the challenge along with her clients.

“People signing up for the challenge were surprised by how much you eat during this challenge. You eat more, weigh less. It’s not restrictive at all,” Food Coach Kendall Smith said.

“I was surprised with how much better I felt after this challenge, both inside and out. I can now lift heavier, I’m less sluggish and I have more energy,” she said.

Well done everyone!

Celebrating the completion of our 6 Week Challenge at Black Buffalo.

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