• 03MAY, 2021

    Choosing The Right GFIT Class

    Do you ever find yourself wandering around the gym feeling unsure about what you should be doing? GHF has the perfect solution to your problem. The GRIGHT, GFIT and GMAXX classes are the perfect addition for those who are looking for some extra assistance, extra accountability or some extra results. Including 25 classes per week

  • 11JUN, 2019

    What Can You Achieve in 6 Weeks?

    Often when we have an event coming up (a wedding, a holiday, a birthday etc), we end up doing a mad scramble a few weeks beforehand trying to get into shape. By the time that event is over, it’s back to our old ways and we lose that little bit of progress we made. A

  • 28MAY, 2019

    What Should I Eat Before a Workout?

    What’s worse- working out without eating and feeling shaky and weak, or working out after a big meal and feeling sluggish and sick? Luckily, you don’t have to suffer through either of these options- there is a happy middle ground! It’s important to make sure you’re fuelled up to help you feel strong through every