Back to School, back to routine

Being a mum or dad is a tough life, you don’t stop from the moment you get up to the moment your head hits the pillow. But it doesn’t stop there most of the time, no doubt you’ll be up again because someone “can’t sleep” or they are all of a sudden thirsty, conveniently at bedtime.

Or perhaps you have a little one and full night’s sleep without interruptions doesn’t exist. For some of you, you may be new parents trying to find your feet, trying to gain the courage to make your health and fitness a priority. You may be trying to work out your new schedule adjusting to feeding, taking in turns getting up during the night, and a new found lack of sleep.

For others, it’s back to school time, rushing around packing the kids lunches (which they no doubt won’t like anyway), helping them with homework, running them around to football/cricket/dancing/tennis the list goes on.

But putting this hectic schedule aside –  back to school means one thing back to routine, it is time to stop putting it off. Christmas season is done the “new year new you” is well and truly here it’s time to put those plans into actions.

Mother of two and Personal Trainer and Food Coach Lydia Brown said after having her two little ones she decided to join Glenorchy Health and Fitness.

“The first week was crazy I didn’t think I could go back. I had a 1-year-old that screamed every time I left him and a 3 month old,” Personal Trainer and Food Coach Lydia Brown said.

But despite the first few weeks being tough she persevered “It was the only me time I had, 5 hours out of 168 hours in a week that is the only me time I had,” she said.

Challenge = I want to get back to the gym but who am I meant to get to watch the kids though?

Solution = Kids Club.

Glenorchy Health and Fitness we have our Kids Club open and staffed from Monday to Friday from 9am-1:30pm and 3:30pm-7pm and Saturday 8am-11am (no extra cost from gym membership).

There’s tons of toys, games and chance for your kids to meet other friends and for you to bond with other mums and dads.

“I have lost a total of 30kgs and every morning we wake up the kids they ask to go to the Kids Club,” Personal Trainer and Food Coach Lydia Brown said.

“If there was no Kids Club I couldn’t go to the gym, the convenience of not having to drop the kids to someone and then leaving them for a couple of hours just to go to the gym or waiting until night when your motivation is almost gone. The Kids Club is a life saver for us,” she said.

Challenge = I’m struggling to put myself first (mum and dad guilt).

Solution = The “me time” and improved health and wellbeing will only help you as a parent aswell as in all aspects.

“I think us mums all get guilty from time to time when we do something for ourselves. But kids do as we do and if my kids are growing up watching me take care of myself eating healthy and exercising I’m ok with that,” Personal Trainer and Food Coach Kendall Smith said.

Good nutrition and exercise does more than help you physically but it also helps you mentally.

“The kids will honestly learn to love Kids Club so never feel bad, it’s 30-45 minutes out of your day that you’re having some time out, they are learning and developing different skills while playing with other children,” Lydia Brown said.

“I have always felt a little guilty, I guess some times more than others, especially at the start when the kids weren’t keen on the Kids Club only because it was something completely new,” She said.

But these days Lydia Brown said these days she can hardly get her children out of the Kids Club.

If you promote a balanced diet and regular exercise it also teaches healthy habits to your kids.

“Kids watch and see more than we recognise I’m always letting my kids be included they help me make my healthy meals we make yummy healthy chocolate and bake cookies out of oats,” Kendall Smith said.

“They have fun and they enjoy eating it knowing it’s good for them being healthy doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. I’m hoping showing them and teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle they will pass it onto their children. It’s a cycle  that we want to continue through our generations,” she said.

Challenge = But I’m already so busy and tired.

Solution = Organisaton is key.

“There is never enough time in the day. As long as the children are fed and clean then the house work can wait, if you don’t have a little bit of time out you will go insane, the gym is the best medicine for your mental and physical health,” Lydia Brown said.

“Organisation, it’s the key to success for everything. Know what you want to do, highlight the timetables of classes that are good for you and your babies sleep times and classes you love. Think of it as your “you time”, your morning coffee,” Lydia Brown said.

“I love this saying, failing to prepare yourself is preparing yourself to fail always try to be organised now I know that isn’t always possible all the time especially with kids. But in those causes I try to always have a backup plan,” Kendall Smith said.

Meal Prep is key – “I meal prep every Monday and every Thursday to get me through the week it takes no longer than 1 hour and it saves me time and money during the week,” She said.

“I also treat exercise like brushing my teeth I wouldn’t get up of a morning and think today I can’t be bothered brushing my teeth I just automatically do it without thinking,” she said.

“Find a routine then work around it you only need as short as 30 minutes to exercise and there are 24 hours in a day find a solution not an excuse.”

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