• What Can You Achieve in 6 Weeks?

    Often when we have an event coming up (a wedding, a holiday, a birthday etc), we end up doing a mad scramble a few weeks beforehand trying to get into shape. By the time that event is over, it’s back to our old ways and we lose that little bit of progress we made.

    A lot of people look at a 6 week challenge like that- as a way to lose as much weight as possible in a short period of time- but that’s not how we see it! A 6 week challenge is the perfect way to set yourself up with quality habits and achieve small goals. If you manage to put some healthy strategies and habits in place over this small period of time, you’ll build up enough momentum to take you through the challenge and out the other side into ‘real life’! This time frame gives you enough time to really cement your habits and lifestyle changes, while not sounding too daunting. You can do anything for 6 weeks- it’s when you start thinking ‘I have to do this forever’ that it can get a bit intimidating.

    Our challenges are not designed to be a ‘get fit quick’ type of scenario- they’re more ‘get healthy permanently’. We want to teach you the tools you can use for the rest of your life.

    If this sounds like something you’re interested in, join us for our 6 Week Fitness Challenge- starting this Saturday the 15th of June! It includes unlimited extra classes exclusive for challenge members, specifically designed to improve your fitness levels over the duration of the program. Available for both members and non-members, with non-members receiving gym access for the duration of the challenge. You can still secure your place – just email info@glenorchyhealthandfitness.com.au for more info!

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