• Di Watson’s health and fitness success

    Di Watson’s health and fitness success

    Photo: (Now, after Di lost 21.5 kilos).

    Do you find yourself working out tirelessly at the gym but can’t seem to get the results you want? Or are you eating moderately healthy throughout the day but come tea-time you binge eat, finding any salty or sweet snack in sight? Then maybe it’s time you look into round 2 of our 6 Week Challenge. Step into spring with health and fitness success. Don’t just take our word for it, here is the personal journey of Di Watson who completed our last challenge with exceptional results.

    What does the challenge involve? Our Challenge involves set meal plans with a variety of different food suited to all types of goals and body types. With the help of our Food Coaches Lydia, Lauren and Kendall it also involves weekly measurements, body scans and before and after photos to keep members motivated and accountable.

    Di Watson had been at the gym for 3 years when she decided to cancel her membership. “I never actually had any goals in mind when I first started my journey on Glenorchy Health and Fitness’s 6 Week Challenge. To be honest when I walked into the gym I was there to cancel my membership, due to lack of use and work and family commitments,” Glenorchy Health and Fitness member Di Watson said.

    Photo: (Before Di started the 6 Week Challenge). 

    Luckily though Di was offered a chance to join the 6 Week Challenge. “Health reasons and weight were my main focus going into the challenge. I attended my weekly food coaching, took in all the information I was given. I lost a total of 8.9 kilos plus a lot of cm’s from all over my body,” she said.

    Not only did Di achieve fantastic weight loss results but during the 6 weeks she also cut back on daily medication. “I have continued with Food Coaching at Glenorchy Health and Fitness now and have cut 1 medication completely all together, which I had been on for at least 15 years.”

    “My clothes sizing is shrinking rapidly. I have been completely stunned at how I am still losing weight with such ease, I have never had these sort of results in the past, no matter what I had tried.”

    Di’s favourite part of the challenge was the meal prep.  “I would recommend meal prep to anyone, especially if they are prone to bad food choices,” she said.

    Di attributes her weight loss success to eating 5 meals a day and regular HIIT classes.

    She said her journey has not been without its challenges. “My biggest obstacle would have to be time. I have always been the one to look after everyone else and not worry about myself. To have been given the opportunity to do the challenge gave me the push in the right direction. To be honest I’m not sure how much longer I could have stayed on the path I was on.”

    At the start of her journey Di weighed 101.6 kilos – 20 weeks later she has lost 21.5 kilos and 117cm. “Thank you to Andrea, Lydia and all my awesome class instructors and Glenorchy Health and Fitness for helping me when I really needed it but just couldn’t see it.”

    If you want to sign up for round 2 our 6 Week Challenge contact us on (03) 6272 4849 or visit us at 51 Chapel Street, Glenorchy.

    To see other members remarkable results from our previous challenge check out this article below: https://glenorchyhealthandfitness.com.au/6-week-challenge-results/

    By Tahlia Higgins

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