Gavin White’s fitness success: GHF supporting our veterans

Whether it is your first time at the gym, you’re a student juggling assignments, you are in the workforce, a full time parent, or are older and ensuring your health is a main priority; no matter your age, past or schedule the health benefits of regular exercise is crucial.

For some of us injuries, chronic health conditions or mental health issues can make regular exercise challenging, even just being active and doing daily tasks can be a daily struggle – but with the help of Exercise Physiologist Mohan and Glenorchy Health and Fitness there’s a way to feel and look better than ever.

For veteran Gavin White this service and regular exercise has been what he calls “life changing.”

“I’m a Vietnam veteran and the department of veteran affairs said that we can do this rehab because it kept us out of hospital basically,” Glenorchy Health and Fitness member and Vietnam veteran Gavin White said.

Gavin has been coming to our centre for years and has been receiving rehabilitation with Mohan for over three years after having a hip operation.

With the help of attending the gym and rehabilitation three times a week and a healthy diet he lost 17 kilos.

“What Mohan’s done for me has changed my life really,” Mr White said.

“He shows you how to bend properly, he shows you how to breathe properly.”

The only negative out of all of this = “It cost me a lot of money in clothes,” he said jokingly.

Gavin said it has had more than just physical impacts on his life though, it has also helped him meet fellow veterans.

Image: Corps training school of Artillery (Gavin – bottom left).

“All the other guys here that I mix with are veterans, the one thing about being a Vietnam veteran is we had a pretty tough time for a long time, you tend to mix together,” he said.

“The ones we trust with our lives are fellow veterans. We still love other people. I have five kids and a ninth grandkid on the way, but if you weren’t there you can’t understand.”

Image: Taken at Nui Dat – Vietnam December 1969 (Gavin – middle).

For Gavin it’s more than just the results that’s made Glenorchy Health and Fitness the best.

“I’ve came to Glenorchy Health and Fitness at three different premises. The people have been terrific and what they’ve done here is outstanding. They look after us. A lot of the gyms wouldn’t do that. I think they have a commitment to the veterans. The people and the staff have been outstanding.”

Image: ANZAC Day Sydney 2016 (Gavin – left).


Image: Gavin and his wife.

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