• Member Inspiration: Helen Pope

    We hear inspirational member stories and see their incredible changes day in and day out at Glenorchy Health and Fitness, so we thought we should share one of them with you. Helen is super committed to her fitness journey- she has three appointments a week with our fitness and food coaches and puts in 110% at every single one of them! Her effort shows in the amazing results that she’s been getting. She’s lost almost 8kg and 65cm in only a month since she’s been doing food coaching, and her coaches Lydia and Kendall couldn’t be more proud of her.


    Read Helen’s story below and take on some of her tips for a fitter and healthier life!


    “The last 2 years have been emotionally tough on me for a variety of reasons, which led to lots of emotionally eating and self-bullying. After my mother’s passing I made a vow to myself that 2019 was a year that I totally focused on myself to get happier, healthier and fitter.  I booked myself into food coaching (for accountability) and 2 PT sessions a week (so I was forced to exercise at least twice a week).

    Things I’ve done to help me become fitter and healthier:

    1) Food is most important aspect. I pre-cook meals on weekends so I have fast healthy options available when I’m too tired to cook (I use an app to create recipes so know how many calories are in each serve). I stick to calorie intake (most of the time), eat whole & natural foods and avoid processed, pre-packaged stuff as much as possible.

    2) Finding things that help move my body more – such as a lunchtime walk, a quick walk around the dog park and 10 min yoga in the morning. I don’t have to “smash” myself to get some exercise in.

    3) I drink at least 3 litres of water a day – I have a litre bottle I carry everywhere with me and it saves me trying to count how many cups I’ve had.

    4) I don’t focus on “losing weight”, but gaining my health and fitness back. That way I’m working towards a goal rather than trying to lose something.

    5) I got rid of my scales and only weigh in at the gym.  I also focus more on how my dresses feel and look forward to “measure” day over the weekly weigh in.

    6) When I start mentally beating myself up, I come up with positive things such as what I have achieved that day/week and things I look forward to doing (even if it’s something small) to help distract me from the barrage of self-bullying. Each day I work on reminding and congratulating myself for choosing to work towards a healthier, happier version of me.

    7) Every time I felt guilty for spending money I re-iterate to myself that I am worth this investment and it is better spent on getting healthy than on food that makes me unhealthy.

    8) I find the emotional eating the hardest habit to work through, so instead of trying to resist I make sure that I have lots of yummy and healthy pre-made snacks on hand for those days when it all becomes a bit too much and I just need to Netflix and chill on my couch with something tasty to eat. “


    Feeling inspired? Get a kick start on your health journey by joining our next 6 Week Challenge! It includes weekly appointments with a food coach, meal plans, recipes, weekly weigh-ins, before and after measurements and all of the accountability and support you need! Available for both members and non-members. Send us an email at info@glenorchyhealthandfitness.com.au or call 62724849 for more information!


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