• Set yourself up for health and fitness success

    Set yourself up for health and fitness success


    Are you always planning to “join a gym” but find yourself procrastinating? Or have you joined but can’t seem to stay motivated or make a start? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions we’ve got you covered. Here’s our top 3 tips for setting yourself up for health and fitness success.

    1. Set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) goals.

    Having both short-term and long-term SMART goals is crucial when it comes to setting yourself up for health and fitness success. If you only have short-term goals and don’t look at the bigger picture it can be easy to lose track of what you are aiming for. It is a similar story if you only set one long-term goal; you miss the opportunity to celebrate the small wins outside of what the scales are telling you. Take some time out to really plan your weekly, monthly and yearly goals and ensure you also plan how you are going to achieve them. Make sure you cover all your bases – diet goals, fitness goals, weight goals, things you would like to achieve or how you would like to feel. 

    1. Surround yourself with positive people and make sure you spend your time in a positive environment.

    You can have the best intentions but if you spend your time at a gym that has a negative atmosphere or you feel like there is no support, it is much easier to simply give up. Make sure you opt for “quality” over “cheap”. If you are someone that needs lots of support, enjoys classes or you have special requirements don’t opt for the gym with the cheapest joining fee if it doesn’t fulfill your needs. Sometimes “value” is about a whole lot more than the weekly or fortnightly fee. We recommend you put in the extra time to find a gym that is 100% right for you, connect with others on the same journey as you and surround yourself with positive friendships.

    1. Get advice from the professionals.

    Seeking advice from your family and friends is all well and good but if you really want to set yourself up for success we recommend you seek advice from the experts. For most of us setting ourselves up for health and fitness success means a solid workout regime as well a balanced, healthy diet – so why not get some help from a Personal Trainer and Food Coach. This will help you measure your results, stay on track, remain focused and give you the best personalised advice, plus it provides you with extra support and motivation along the way!

    Here at Glenorchy Health and Fitness we want to help start your journey off on the right foot, providing you with all the support and advice you need to change your lifestyle for the better. If you become a member at GHF by this Saturday you will receive 4 weeks of personal training and 4 weeks of food coaching for FREE. Don’t worry if you miss out though, this September if you become a member with us you will receive $100 off your joining fee.

    If you are ready to set yourself up for health and fitness success contact us on (03) 6272 4849 or visit us at 51 Chapel Street, Glenorchy.

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